SEN Transport

If you need transport support to get to your post-16 setting, you will need to re-apply each year. It is not an automatic entitlement after compulsory school age.  You may want to ask your parent/carer to help with this. This is because your circumstances and needs can change.

If you are already getting transport and are going into Year 12

A transition pack will automatically be sent to you.

SEN Transport Cost

There is a family cost of £540 a year for travel support in post-16 education. This amount is based on you going to school/college 5 days a week.  This amount can reduce depending on the number of days you are attending.

You may be able to get a 16 - 19 bursary to help with this cost. Your school, college or training provider can give you the forms to complete. Travel support is not given for:

  • travel to work experiences
  • medical appointments
  • off-site visits

Responsibility for this remains with your parent/carers, school, or college.

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