Speech and Language Therapy Service

Who we support and referral reason

We support children where there are concerns about a child's communication. This may include concerns about speech sounds, expressive formulation, understanding and social communication..

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Where we can deliver our services

Services are provided within a number of locations including:

  • The Ryegate Children’s Centre
  • Flockton House
  • Welfare House
  • Charnock Hall Primary Academy Hub / NHS Speech and Language Building

Address details for each place can be found here.

How to refer, who is involved and who to contact

Anybody with parental consent can make a direct referral to this service.  In order for the child to be seen in school, parents must have signed the referral form. The service encourages parents to complete a joint referral with school or nursery.  This is due to possible differences in presentation.

New referrals will be seen within 12 weeks.

Please on click the logo below for information on the different teams, what the service offers, who is involved and who to contact.

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More information and resources

You can find this on the Sheffield Children's Hospital Resource Library.  Click on the logo to find out more.

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