Equipment, adaptations and Technology Enabled Care

image for Sheffield equipment and adaptationsThere are lots of different options when considering equipment and adaptations support.

  • Equipment – small items from a simple grab stick to help you pick up things, to voice controlled devices to help prepare meals or get around.
  • Adaptations – simple changes to your home like a rail to help support you in the shower, or a ramp to enter your home in a wheelchair, to bigger changes like installing a new downstairs bathroom.
  • Technology Enabled Care – from an app on your phone that can remind you to take tablets, to monitoring systems that can detect when you have left a gas ring on, or when you get out of bed. This is also called telecare, telemedicine or medicare.

There are also options to consider when you buy things – like buying new or second-hand, or to rent instead.

These pages have advice to help you understand the different options available. There’s information about different problems you may have and how equipment may help you. There’s information about popular types of equipment like handrails, bath seats and bedrails – and how to buy the right one for you. And there’s information on making changes to your home so you can continue to live there.

I want urgent help to continue to live independently.

I want advice on equipment for my home.

I want advice on equipment that can help me with a specific condition.

I want advice on smart technology and gadgets (Technology Enabled Care).

I want information about local equipment shops, and online equipment websites.

I want advice on adapting my home.

Throughout these pages we signpost to two very useful online resources for advice on equipment solutions and where to buy equipment, and adaptations.

logo for Living made easy websiteThe Disabled Living Foundation website Living made easy has advice on equipment solutions to make life easy.

They also have factsheets with detailed advice on adaptations to your home, and advice on a range of smart devices and gadgets to help you live independently.

Disabled Living Foundation: Living made easy.

logo for AskSARA

Their AskSARA website gives impartial advice about equipment in 3 simple steps:

  • choose a topic,
  • answer a few questions, and
  • get advice.

Disabled Living Foundation: AskSARA.

They also have an online place for people to share their tips and advice, called the Youreable Forum. Find out people’s experiences from motoring and health to travel and money, the problems they faced and the solutions that worked for them.

Disabled Living Foundation: You’reable.

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