Phase Transfer & School Admissions

What are Phase Transfers?

The term “Phase Transfer” applies to those children and young people with Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans who are moving between different stages of education: 

  • Early years to school 
  • Primary school to middle school 
  • Infant to Junior School 
  • Junior to Secondary School 
  • Middle to secondary school 
  • Secondary to Post 16 education 

Phase Transfer Process

A child/young person’s current setting will set up a phase transfer review of their EHC plan.  This is also their annual review.  This is during the second to last year of their current setting. The aim of this review is to discuss future placements and to review the EHC plan. 

It is important that a request for the next school/setting is written on the annual review paperwork. When this is submitted, SENDSARS will consult the preferred school or provision.  They may consult with other schools or provisions that may be able to meet that child’s needs. 

The Local Authority must let parents/carers know which setting they will be naming by 15 February.  The Local Authority will issue the child/young person with an amended final EHC plan. This is before they transfer in September. 

If a child is moving onto a post-16 setting, we will let them know which setting we will be naming by 31 March.  An amended final EHC plan will be sent out.  This is before they transfer in September. 

School Admissions

Children and young people with Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans attend mainstream schools and colleges, integrated resources (specialist units in mainstream schools,) or special schools.

You can only apply for a special school or integrated resource if your child has an EHC plan.

Your child’s school place will be arranged by the local authority’s SEND Statutory Assessment and Review Service (SENDSARS), not through the general admission process.

For further guidance on School Placements click here.

Children moving to FS2/Reception in September 2024 will need to apply for a school place before 15th January 2024. 

Parents/carers should be advised to arrange a visit to their preferred school(s) and request to meet with the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) They can then discuss your child’s needs and how the school(s) could provide for this. This should help them make a decision on which school(s) they would like to apply to for their child. 

If the child has an EHCP (Educational health and Care Plan) SENDSARS (Special educational needs and Disabilities Assessment and Review Service) consults the school/s that they have expressed an interest in.  

By the 15th of February of the year a child will be starting FS2/Reception year, the LA must send a copy of the Final Amended EHCP with the name of the school they will be attending for FS2/Reception class.  

When a child moves to FS2/Reception, the Early Years setting which a child attends, will share the Sheffield Early Years Transition form with school, which details information about the child, including any support that is currently in place, with consent. This is to help make transition to school more successful and will be completed for all Early Years children. This is also completed if a child moves to a different Early Years setting. 

If a child is currently supported by the 0-5 SEND service, a transition offer will be provided by the Early Years Inclusion Teacher and Assistant both before and after transition. Further information can be found here. 

If parents/carers have any questions or queries, they can call the 0-5 phone line on 0114 2037773. This is available Mon, Wed and Fri from 1-4pm in term time only. There is also a voicemail facility, where a can message can be left and one of the Early Years Inclusion teachers will call back.  

Please note a child does not need to be involved with the 0-5 to access this support. 

All secondary transitions for children with EHC plans are administrated separately from general
admissions—for that reason, the Council has prepared a leaflet to help guide families through what
will happen, and what options are available.

More information can be found here.

2024/25 Figures

Learners in the cohort: 92

Parental requests for Special: 30

Parental requests for mainstream and IR: 50

Parental requests for Other Local Authority Settings and Independent Specialist settings: 4

No preferences given: 7

Learners in the cohort: 28 

Parental requests for Special: 6

Parental requests for mainstream and IR: 16

Parental requests for Other Local Authority Settings and Independent Specialist settings: 2   

No preferences given: 3 

Learners in the cohort: 354

Parental requests for Special: 176 

Parental requests for mainstream and IR: 117

Parental requests for Other Local Authority Settings and Independent Specialist settings: 34

No preferences given: 19


SSENDIAS (Sheffield SEND Information Advice and Support): Provides impartial information, advice and support to parents of children with SEND, including in relation to appeals and SEND tribunals. 0114 273 6009 / 

SENDSARS (SEND Statutory Assessment and Review Service): Deals with statutory assessments, EHC plans, annual reviews and specialist placements. 0114 273 6394 / sendassess& 

School Admissions Service: 0114 273 5766 / 

School Appeals Service: 0114 273 4008 / 

Children Missing from Education Team: 0114 2736462 / 

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