A Council-run service to help with social care.

Referral reason: Safeguarding concerns about a child or young person

People involved: Social workers, health staff, domestic abuse advisors and South Yorkshire Police

Offer: You will be put through to a trained 'screening' social worker, who will

  • take information from you
  • offer advice
  • make a decision on how the concern will be dealt with
  • tell you what will happen next.

All professional contacts are recorded against the child’s name unless the threshold for social care intervention is not met and the child does not exist on social care’s database.

We will update Parents/Carers and Professionals of the outcome in writing within 3 days of all completed referrals.

Members of the public can discuss their concerns in confidence and if necessary, anonymously.

How to refer

Please call 0114 273 4855 at any time.

Anyone – including parents, members of the public, schools and professionals – can contact the Safeguarding Hub.