Maternity and pregnancy

Midwives are health professionals who provide women with support and care before, during pregnancy, and after the birth of a child. 

Midwives help women to stay healthy during pregnancy and are also the main professionals who support women during a birth.

Midwives also care for mothers and their babies in the first few weeks following the birth.

Community Midwives

Community Midwifery care is provided by 5 teams of Jessop Wing Community Midwives and support workers across the city and antenatal and postnatal midwifery care takes place in GP surgeries, Family Hubs and at home - we also offer a 24/7 home birth service.

We strive to book women into our service before 10 weeks of pregnancy to be able to plan the pregnancy and offer support required as early as possible. Women will have a named midwife but may also be cared for by another midwife in the team should they be unavailable. Women, therefore, get to know their midwives over the course of their pregnancy and can learn from their skills and experiences as the pregnancy progresses. 

We promote as much continuity of care (care by the same person during pregnancy) as possible which in turn can help to provide more joined up and personalised care. As well as being seen in the community, women will also attend hospital appointments at the Jessop Wing for their scans and to see specialist teams of midwives or doctors if required.

We also offer parental education both in person and online to help prepare the woman and her partner for the birth of their baby and beyond. 

For more detailed information about midwifery,  click here.

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