If you have special educational needs or a disability it may not always be obvious to people that you may need help with some things.  This can make it difficult when you are finding a situation hard.   Such as when you are shopping or when using public transport.

There are many ways that you can help those around you know that you may need help, or that you might find some situations challenging. 

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme

On the right there is a picture of a sunflower.  The text says Hidden Disabilities.  Hidden is in green text and disabilities in yellow text.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme is a way of letting people know that you have special educational needs or disabilities.  It is recognised in a lot of places across the UK, the video below helps to explain how it works.

You can buy a lanyard and a plastic ID card from their website (opens a new page) where you can write what special needs or disabilities you have and what help you might need.

You can also just wear a lanyard which can help to let people know that you may need help.

More Hidden Disabilities Videos

Here are a couple of videos that you might like to watch.


Image for the video.  Clicking this opens the video.  There is a young man on the image