Sheffield City Council Adult Care and Wellbeing

If you require formal care and support please contact the Adult Care and Wellbeing First Contact Team. There’s always someone there to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Sheffield City Council: Get a care and support assessment.

Call: 0114 273 4908.

Herbert Protocol

You may find it useful to give your information to the Police in case you get into any difficulties. This is called the Herbert Protocol. You fill in a form with your personal details, relatives or others to contact in an emergency. The police can later use this information if you are missing and relatives are worried about you. The police can also provide a wristband or tag you wear that holds this personal information. Find out more from our Staying safe - support for adults page.

Staying safe - support for adults.

Top tips for living with Dementia

There is a local group that meets regularly to share ideas, views and opinions about Dementia services and developments. The group is called the Sheffield Dementia Involvement Group (SHINDIG). They have created top tips for living with Dementia. Find out more:

SHINDIG: Top tips for living with Dementia (PDF, 491 KB).

Sunflower Lanyard – hidden disabilities scheme

If you have Dementia you may wish to wear a Sunflower Lanyard when out and about. Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard discreetly indicates to people around you that you have a hidden disability and you may need additional support, help or more time. The lanyards are available free of charge from organisations such as supermarkets, or you can buy one yourself.

Hidden Disabilities UK.

Journey Assistance Cards

If you’re using public transport in South Yorkshire you can print out a Journey Assistance card. These have been produced to help passengers with hidden disabilities or older passengers to discreetly get help from the driver or conductor so you can travel on public transport with confidence.

Travel South Yorkshire: Journey Assistance Cards.

BBC Sounds

The BBC Sounds website has a series of podcasts you can listen to you called Dementia and Me. Hosted by BBC Radio Sheffield and Enrichment for the Elderly, the podcast gives an excellent insight into living with and caring for someone living with Dementia, along with hints and tips on how to live well with Dementia.

BBC Sounds: Dementia and Me.

Support for family and carers of people with Dementia.

Main Dementia advice page

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