If you’re living with Dementia and looking for:

  • a Dementia-friendly place to spend the whole day on a regular basis, or
  • enjoyable activities based on your interests and what you like to do

you might want to join Dementia Day Activities.

For family members or unpaid carers, Dementia Day Activities can provide:

  • a regular break from your caring role during the day, to give you time to catch up on things you need to do, and an opportunity to recharge your batteries
  • reassurance that your loved one with Young Onset Dementia is safe, well cared for, and enjoying themselves.

Dementia Day Activities leafletThere are Dementia Day Activities sessions in locations across the city, depending on the stage of your Dementia journey.

All the details of the different age-appropriate sessions are available in these leaflets.


There's a wide range of different type of day services in Sheffield on the directory, including independent providers you can consider if you are paying for your own day care or if this is part of your Direct Payment from the Council.

Dementia day care.

Activities and things to do for people with Dementia.

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